Dry Flies and Timber Bulls

Dry Fly Inventory


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Standard Elk Hair Caddis


This is a standard elk hair caddis.  I have not found a need to add anything to this fly as it performs well in all dry fly conditions.  The fly works well when fished in riffles, shallow tail-outs, deep pools, and undercut banks.  Anyone who has fished an elk hair caddis appreciates this flies versatility. Click Here to buy







Foam Hopper with Rubber Legs


The Foam Hopper works well early in the “hopper season”.  The rubber legs assist in righting the fly as it floats making it a great fly for adding a dropper.  The elk hair increases its floatability and also helps right the fly as it settles onto the water after a cast.  Works well when fished in riffles in about 2-6 feet of water.  Click Here to buy





Foam Stonefly with Rubber Legs

Foam golden stonefly

This fly works well when fished with a dropper or alone.  I particularly like fishing with a dropper as the fly tends to float and cast well even with the added awkward weight of the dropper.  Works well when fished near undercut banks and in deep foam lines when fish are in their feeding lanes.  Also works well as an attractor fly.  Click Here to buy




Parachute Mayfly


The Parachute Mayfly is tied like a standard parachute fly however I tie it on a curved light wire shrimp hook.  The curved hook allows the fly to sit in the water with the tail end of the fly in the film pointed somewhat downward.  The fly works excellent in slow moving water where fish are feeding on mayflies.  The fly also floats impressively well considering its design.  It can be fished in fast water and will stay on the surface very well.  I prefer to fish this fly as a dropper to one of the larger dry flies.  Click Here to buy



Hackle Foam Salmonfly with Rubber Legs


This fly also works well when tied in a smaller version for stoneflies.  I particularly like to use this fly for skwala hatches.  The fly casts well for its size and floats very well.  The curved stonefly hook improves the realism and how it sits in the water.  I like to twitch this fly after it has drifted a distance which sometimes entices a strike.  I also prefer to fish this fly with a dropper, usually a stonefly nymph, tied to the bend in the hook.  Click Here to buy